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      Programs 2023-2024

September 13th
Steve Huddleston. Color throughout the Year.  Tired of wilty, droughty plants, look forward to colors and beautiful plant pictures (plant porn?) DPS Community Room

October 11th
Leslie Jones   Yoga outside at  Bob Jones Nature Center Big Pavillion ( bring your mat and enjoy the cool breeze and unwind to the relaxing music even if your knees are stiff)

November 8th.
Carolyn Skei. Hellebores and a Quilt Trunk Show. ( she is Neil Sperry's former editor, and artist, photographer, and quilter who gardens)


December 13th.
Christmas  Party   Lunch  at Cathy Vollmers. The Board will  provide all the Holiday Food.
Time: 11 AM   

January 10th, 2024 
Kay Wilkinson. The Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg Virginia (Kay has a historic home in  Colonial Williamsburg, and Virginia has Garden Week all over the state)


February 14th
Denise and Max Davis Volunteers at the Arboretum :  Did you know ?? Interesting Plants in the Dallas Arboretum,.
Always an inspirational garden! DPS Building Southlake.

March 13th
Laura Hill ( former Mayor -Southlake) will share her amazing trip to The Chelsea Flower Show. Known around the world as a premier destination for Horticulture-garden enthusiasts. Learn tips for attending, see her faulous photos. Wear your best tea outfits, hats of all kinds and we will have an English Tea Social Hour. 


April 10th. 
Kokedama ! Demonstration and build your own activity at Diane Bradenbergs.
Hosted by Katrina and Ginger.  Plant exchange, your creeping jenny creeping all over the sidewalk, pot it up,  someone else would love it.  Elections for Board postions.  Reveiw of Garden tour.

May 8th.
PotLuck Luncheon at Diane Bredenberg's beautiful home.
 Election results.  Garden tour final outline. Happy Summer!

Additional PGS Activities
September 15th Monarch Butterfly Tagging Party at Bob Jones Nature Center at 1:00PM 
September 16th Saturday Monarch festival at Bob Jones Nature Center 
May 18th Luncheon for the Tour homeowners, sponsors, Plein Air Artists, volunteers and quick tour.
May 19th PGS Peek Behind the Garden Gate Tour 

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