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Grant  Information

The Southlake Perennial Garden Society's purpose is to promote interest in gardening education to our  members and the community.
Our grants offer funds to help teachers introduce outdoor learning experiences
to students in our community. 
Are you interested in promoting a school garden or gardening project? 

Benefits, in addition to developing horticultural knowledge, students learn patience, teamwork, inclusion, problem solving, and develop social skills.

Ideas for projects could include:

Planting a tree such as a red bud tree to observe, draw, and journal the changes through the seasons.

Planting an edible garden to observe the growth of seeds.
 Creating a teaching sanctuary with benches and flowers under a tree. This area could be used to talk about science, math, or read poetry.
 Establishing a garden to attract butterflies or hummingbirds.
 Creating a cutting garden with perennials.
 Purchasing rain barrels.
 Establishing a wildlife sanctuary.
 Planting Earth-Kind plants.
 Planting a Texas native garden.
 Establishing a Monarch Way Station with appropriate plants.
 Purchasing supplies for aquatic pond studies.
 Planting a “Sense-able Garden” that includes plants that
appeal to one’s senses.

Recent recipients: 
Rockenbaugh Elementary:
worm composting project.

Carroll Senior High School Grant 2022-23

Kim Lufkin of CSHS received a grant to create a pollinator/food garden. This grant plans to involve Environmental Science Classes working on soil, xeriscaping, and ecosystems, Floral Design using the plants in floral designs, Culinary Arts using the herbs and food in their culinary creations, and the Special Education kids (providing a life skill of taking care of plants).

Carroll Middle School Grant 2022-23

The Eco Club of CMS under the direction of Susan Cortez received a grant to plant a butterfly garden.

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