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About Southlake PGS

Southlake Perennial Garden Society is a non-profit organization in Southlake, Texas.  We are dedicated to educating our members and the community on gardening topics specific to the North Texas.  Our purpose is to promote, encourage and share practical and responsible gardening techniques with other gardeners encouraging the implementation of native and adapted plants and perennials in the suburban Texas landscape. 


As a non-profit organization focused on education, we use the funds raised from our biennial Garden Tour to educate the community and sponsor the Butterfly Release at the Southlake monarch Butterfly Festival, September  16, 2023.  

To participate in the community science project of the butterfly flight, go to and submit your recovering butterfly data in the Monarch Watch website.  

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 Event - Southlake Annual Monarch Butterfly Festival


September 16, 2023

Each year, Southlake PGS sponsors the Monarch Butterfly Release.  Together with the City of Southlake we purchase the butterflies. PGS maintains them and coordinates the tagging event.  This is part of the University of Kansas Science Research Project called "Monarch Watch".  This enables the University to learn about Monarch migration patterns. 

Along with the City of Southlake, PGS helps the children release the butterflies to the delight of everyone. 

For more information go to City of Southlake website.



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